Our sustainability commitments

  • The Hybrid Range

    Ribcraft are proud to announce the successful launch of the first Ribcraft Hybrid RIB, featuring the new technology to seamlessly switch between an electric motor and a diesel engine.

    Ribcraft Hybrid Range comes equipped with diesel inboard engine and hybrid motor (twin or single depending on Ribcraft model selected).


    • How Does A Ribcraft Hybrid RIB Work?

      Ribcraft Hybrid RIBs are equipped with diesel inboard engine and hybrid motor (twin or single depending on Ribcraft model selected).

      The Hybrid System works in three specific modes:
      1). Electric Mode -ZERO emissions and noise;
      2). Diesel Mode – in which the diesel propels the vessel while also charging the batteries (Regeneration Mode);
      3). Booster Mode – a combination of battery-driven electric motor and diesel engine both driving the shaft for maximum thrust for maneuvering.

    • Hybrid System Explained - The Electric Mode

      The hybrid system architecture incorporates a clutch and transmission that enables the vessel to operate in an electric-only mode for completely emission free and silent running. The energy flows from main battery to electric motor. Batteries can charge up to 20% in just 15min of charge on regeneration mode. The hybrid system allows electric to diesel transition at every lever position.

    • Hybrid System Explained - The Diesel Mode

      In classic diesel mode, the drive energy is provided by the conventional diesel engines. It is possible to operate speed and direction using the hybrid system lever.
      During diesel mode cruising, it is possible to use part of the combustion engine power to recharge the hybrid battery (regeneration mode).  Regeneration mode reduces power to propeller, therefore this should be avoided during mooring, emergency or rough sea conditions. For the same reason at low speed the generation power is reduced to avoid a diesel engine stop.

  • Responsibly - Planting Trees

    Ribcraft are proud to announce that they are making steps to reduce their impact on the environment by partnering with environmental organisation, Ecologi. For every new boat ordered, Ribcraft will plant 100 trees.


    We plant trees with Ecologi

    • How Do I Keep Track Of Ribcraft's Tree Planting Commitment?

      Ecologi help fund The Eden Reforestation Project; who plant millions of trees around the world each month that are native and diverse in Madagascar, Mozambique or Nicaragua. They provide a great virtual representation of Ribcraft’s forest built from your contributions, once your boat order is confirmed, your Ribcraft representative will email you with a link to your tree contribution.

    • What Other Steps Are Ribcraft Currently Taking?

      As a company we are always conscious of the impact on the environment that we have during the construction process. Ribcraft has invested heavily in new technologies and the use a state-of-the-art material cutting and preparation machine which cuts down material wastage and concisely giving material efficiencies of a minimum of 91%. We are committed to waste minimization and recycling and re-using materials. 

    • Our Environmental Responsibility

      At Ribcraft, our approach to product responsibility starts at the design stage. We select the right and best quality materials and use them efficiently during production. We use the environmental management system ISO 14001 to manage the footprint of our industrial operations. We significantly invest in R&D to design fuel-efficient RIBs that achieve better environmental performance, including reduced emissions.

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